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Do you have a pest infestation at your home or office? Established in Dallas, Texas in the early 1990s, Bed Bug Solutions offers a cost-effective pest control solution that is completely safe to use around small children and animals. Use a natural, organic formula to treat infestations of bed bugs and other common pests. Our company doesn't exterminate pests, but we provide you with the only tool you'll ever need to keep your property pest free!

Bed Bug
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Bed bugs are a challenging pest to control. They like to hide in many tiny places, so treatments must be thorough. The bug repellant from Bed Bug Solutions not only eliminates bed bugs — it also works on ticks, spiders, ants, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes. Unlike many competing pest control repellants that use harsh chemicals, our easy-to-use pest control products use natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

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Keep your home free from pests and harsh chemicals with our bug repellant.
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